Just wait until you see my wings.  Original watercolor and pen illustration by Cyndi Mahlstadt.

Art by Cyndi Mahlstadt

Artist Bio

Cyndi Mahlstadt, Mixed Media Artist, Meadow Bug Studio.  Cyndi has been creating mixed media art professionally since 1999.   She enjoys and loves recycling found objects, and the process of creating something beautiful or whimsical from unwanted treasures.  Her  mediums of choice are just about anything she can get her hands on.

“My favorite projects come from my imagination and making little critters that have a touch of whimsy and humor.  I am greatly inspired by the beautiful nature all around; colors, shapes, textures.  I enjoy searching for something quirky about animals, bugs, and plants to use when I create.   When people look at my critters and smile, I know I’ve done well. “

the Creative Journey

I have been blessed with a multitude of strong, creative, nurturing women in my life; through family, extended family, adopted family, friends.  I am truly blessed!  There are two women who standout in my heart as my muses through life.  These women have inspired the creative spirit in me from the day I was born..... 

Digital Art and Illustrations

Alcohol Ink & Watercolor Paintings